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This all started with the dream of the owners and managers of Nuarro: Steve, Lola, Peter and Trienke. They want to enable people to experience the wonders and beauty of Mozambique and they want to achieve this in an ethical way. It is an experience that inspires visitors, staff and the local community. A team of loyal local men and women make up Nuarro’s backbone.

During its construction, skilled builders, carpenters and electricians were employed to assist in the training of the local unskilled people, so that they will have the chance to empower themselves and improve their livelihoods.

Land, time, skills, enthusiasm and energy were invested. In return Nuarro brings to its neighbours and partners greater financial security, a multi-functional community centre, agricultural projects, entrepreneurial opportunities and general social development. Based on an established memorandum, the Community’s association (ANAN) is going to receive a fee for each overnight stay and each motorised activity.

PETER AND TRIENKE are a Dutch couple. They are owners/managers living and working on site. They have been involved with Nuarro since December 2006 and moved to Mozambique in September 2007 to join Lola and Steve on the first construction phase. Peter is an electrical engineer with 20 years experience in the building industry of the Netherlands; he has been living in South Africa for the last 7 years running his own business. Trienke is a certified nurse and interior designer; she also ran her own business during the last 7 years in South Africa as a travel agent for Southern Africa. Peter is a professional PADI Dive Instructor with a passion for the sea. He will be running the Nuarro activity centre as well as being the Financial Manager. Trienke is a Dive Master and is fully focused on the marketing of Nuarro. She will bring in her nursing experience to ensure the safety of the guests and apply her tasteful interior decoration expertise.

LAURA CARNEIRO (LÓLA) is one of the founders/managers in this project. Lóla works on site as Nuarro’s P.R.O. establishing communication lines with the local and national stakeholders and logistics. She is Brazilian and a professional SCUBA Diving Instructor, with sailing and water sports experience. Lóla has a Visual Arts degree with a post graduate in France. She left Brazil in 1990 and has since lived in and travelled to a variety of countries all over the globe. Mozambique captured her heart; she has a great love for the people and their culture. Lola is the "eco freak" and veggie of the project.

STEVE HODGES is one of the founders/general manager of Nuarro. He’s British and a professional SCUBA Diving Instructor, including Technical Diving, sailing and water-sports expert. He has a higher national diploma in engineering and developed most of his experience in this area working for Rolls Royce in the UK. He travelled the world in search of adventure and also found in Mozambique the magical place to develop his dream and passion – Nuarro!

The national and international ground team interacts with the local community every day. They have developed a strong relationship with the local population, scouting talents, skilled labor and local materials to build Nuarro.

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