Nuarro Lodge

  • Nuarro Beach

    Lounge on the beach

  • Hawkfish on Fan

    Hawkfish on Fan

  • Aerial view of Baixo do Pinda

    Aerial view of Baixo do Pinda

Nuarro Lodge mapKick back and chill out!

Beautifully simple is the best way to describe Nuarro. This stunning property, located in northern Mozambique feels wonderfully off the grid, with a fun charter airplane connection out of Nampula International Airport to get there.

The owners have commendably tried to use local crafts and staff wherever possible to create this peaceful sanctuary on the edge of the Indian Ocean, along a more than 2km-long gorgeous, white sandy beach. The result is an intimate, affordable resort that has an emphasis on  relaxation  with  a  great array of marine and terrestrial activities  and  of course world-class diving. Did you know that Nuarro Lodge is one of the only lodges in Mozambique to offer shore-entry diving?

Simple, spacious and all with a view!

The spacious chalets are all built out  of  local  materials  with  traditional  mukuti  roofs  and  each  with  a  stunning view  across  the  bay. The lodge  works  closely  with  the  local  community  and  employs  staff  from  the  nearby village,  this  all  combines  to  create  a  genuine  harmony  with  this  unspoilt  corner  of  Africa  and  provides  a  real Mozambique  experience  which  can  so  often  be  lost  in  the  name  of  luxury.

Nanatha  Half  Moon  Bay  at  the  southern  point  of  the  larger  Memba  Bay  on  the  Baixo  do  Pinda  Peninsula,  the lodge  offers  12  luxury  beachfront  chalets,  nestled  amongst  the  dunes  but  within  meters  of  the  azure,  crystal clear  Indian ocean.

World class diving in unbelievable conditions!

The bay’s  combination  of  dramatic  continental shelf  topography,  excellent  water  visibility,  coral  &  fish diversity  as  well  as  easy  reef  access  allows  for  world  class  on  and  offshore  diving  suitable  for  all  ranges  of experience.  The  closeness  of  the  continental  shelf  invites  easy  shore  dives  to  the  five  pinnacles  separated  by white  sand falls  and  populated  by  abundant  fish  life  and  coral  diversity.  Along the shore  more  advanced  divers can  enjoy the “Baixo do Pinda Walls” with drift, wreck and multilevel dives. Everywhere is a perfect opportunity for  underwater  photography  and  many  dive  sites  are  still  to  be  discovered!

Nuarro offers speciality diving such as NITROX, REBREATHER & GLOW DIVING

Whale Season

With  such  dramatic  drop  offs  only  200  meters  from  the  beach,  the  Humpback  Whales  come  very  close  into  the bay  with  their  young (normally July-October each year).  They learn  communication  skills  which  include  delightful  breaching  performances!  The whales  cruise  the  bay  during  the  day  and  produce  a  very  special  and  unforgettable  sound  at  night.  All this can be  heard and viewed from the comfort of each chalet’s private verandah.

Nuarro  is  the  perfect  place  to  escape  from  the  relentless  pace  of  everyday  life, enjoy stunning activites and receive great service, responsibly!