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This is Ibo Island, or as the locals call it: "Ilha do Ibo"

"It is quite unlike anywhere I've ever visited. If you took Gabriel García Márquez's village of Macondo from A Hundred Years Of Solitude and transported it from the Catholic legend of South America to Africa's eastern flank, then you would go some way to understanding Ibo's overwhelming magic." - NICK MAES writing for the English newspaper: The Guardian.

Undisturbed for centuries Ibo Island is a place where time has stood still.

Nominated for World Heritage status, Ibo has also been described as one of the most unique and atmospheric islands in the world. Its ancient buildings tell of a rich culture of African and Arabic influence and a deep sense of mystery. Ibo Island Lodge was built by the community of Ibo, pioneering tourism development on the island. Today either directly or indirectly the lodge benefits approximately half of Ibo's population. Here your visit really does make a difference.

Activities at Ibo Island Lodge are varied, but it's also a place of quiet relaxation and an escape from the pace of our modern world. Experience pristine beach excursions, turquoise clear water snorkeling, sea kayaking, dhow sailing, birding, mangrove forests, sumptuous seafood, romance, simplicity, tranquility and a perspective that will change your life forever. 

Welcome to the Ibo Experience...

Ibo Island Lodge is also the perfect place to explore the Quirimbas Archipelago. The waters surrounding Ibo offer idyllic beaches and some of Africa's richest coral reefs. Eat breakfast on a perfect sandbank beach surrounded by warm, turquoise sea. Then snorkel through delicate corals and tropical fish followed by sun tanning, some more swimming or snoozing. Discover the Quirimbas National Park in graceful traditional sailing dhows, or kayak through the cool mangrove forest home to varied bird life with your guide.

Ibo Island Lodge is fast gaining a name for its cultural and historical guided experiences and wonderfully friendly people.
Snack on cashew nuts and dine on the freshest of seafood of every description, and don't forget to relax at one of the pools with a cocktail or frosty Mozambican beer and soak up the tranquil atmosphere.

Ibo Island Lodge is a place that time forgot, and now people are returning to know it again.


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